• We have reached the academic excellence in Aviation Education with a strong academic expertise in delivering course for more than Decade.

  • We have many specialist facilities to support our courses, including: a mock up Jet Engine Laboratory complete with teaching aids. Our Radio , Instrumentation and Airframe labs are of the kind to deliver practical hands on knowledge to our students.

  • Our degree courses are both vocational and intellectually stimulating - many employers and professionals help to design our courses, provide paid placement opportunities and guest lecturers.

  • Shibani Air is working towards Academic partnerships with several internationally acclaimed Aeronautical Universities and Research Institutes to benefit Indian Students.

  • Our supportive environment includes mentors for freshers, student peer support and personal academic guidance, as well as excellent learning facilities.

  • Our spectacular new state of the art Real time Simulator Centre equipped with ATC 610 and ATC 810 , is making the skills our pilots more better than any one. With a 24/7 access its one and only such center for the benefit of students.

You can learn how to fly Remote Controlled Helis, and model planes, whatever course you're on

  • Most students can take up hobby flying by enrolling for PPL.

  • Our international students hail from as far afield as Africa and Middle East.

  • Competitions make our students to at par with education standards and adding the spirit to Aviation Education in India.

  • Our alumni include: the pilots and engineers who are making the Indian Skies safer each and every day are employed with Major Airlines , MRO, and Charter Companies

The organization operates single engine Cessna 152 and Cessna 172S aircraft for flying training activities. Simulators utilized are the ATC 610 and ATC 810.

Other than the above, Shibani Air owns the following aircraft that are utilized for demonstration purposes during training - one Hawker Sidley HS 125 pressurized aircraft, one Dakota DC -3, two twin engine aircraft Beech Baron B 58's, along with 3 Helicopters (Chetak, Bell 206 and Lama).


In the next 10 years, India is poised to be a global leader in Aviation, with a leading turnover share in MRO, manufacture/assembly. Recent world studies by Airbus and other leading MRO's predict some startling statistics that clearly re affirm the global position that India is seen to gain in the coming years.

Today, the aviation industry is gradually opening up a wide horizon of opportunities within India and abroad for young aspiring aviators. The need for skilled professionals in all arenas of aviation has translated into a wider demand for persons with commensurate skill, qualification and competency.

Students passing out from our Academy can look forward to job opportunities in commercial airlines, non scheduled operators, cargo operators, aerial works operators, maintenance-research-overhaul companies, ground handling companies, manufacturing and assembly companies, IT companies for Technical Publications, Flying Training and Engineering Training Institute, Airport Management organizations. And more.

If you need some inspiration about future career path, try looking at options in your chosen discipline through one-to-one talks with our admissions team - they shall help you get in touch with alumni who are well placed with major Airlines, MRO companies, manufacturing companies.

Opportunities are also available with major IT companies. The steady growth in IT opportunities is attributed to aerospace design and engineering jobs being outsourced to India from USA and UK.

Candidates who pass out from the training academy with Commercial Pilot License can work in Airlines as First Officer and grow further to become a Captain. Those joining non scheduled operators can become Pilot In Command. There are further job opportunities with DGCA approved Training Academies where one can join as Assistant Flight Instructor and go on to become the Chief Flying Instructor. Candidates who excel can even look forward to becoming check pilots or examiners who are approved by the DGCA.

Similarly there are many opportunities for candidates who pass out from the training academy with Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. A fresh pass out candidate can secure a job in airlines as Trainee Technician, Technician. One can grow to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who certifies the aircraft for airworthiness. One even has the option to gain experience in quality control, a key functional area of maintenance engineering these days. Such jobs throw open further opportunities to grow with experience, to key officer's positions like Quality Manager, CAM manager. There are other opportunities in the AME training academies where you can be an Instructor, and with experience grow to be the Chief Instructor.

A candidate should constantly strive to pass the DGCA examinations, and keep gaining aviation experience in varied functional areas to grow as an experienced aviator.

Remember, a career in aviation is driven by passion, dedication, skill and patience!